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Trust Kids! A new heritage education resource

In April the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) launched a new heritage education resource called Trust Kids! – a list of 25 things young people can do to explore, celebrate, preserve and share their cultural heritage.

From drawing your family tree to finding out how your town got its name; from learning a traditional dance to preparing a regional dish; discovering a local custom to interviewing an elder about community traditions, there are some great ideas for exploring heritage, learning new skills and trying new things in the Trust Kids! resource.

In her annual World Heritage Day Lecture Dame Fiona Reynolds, Chairman of INTO, warned that our intangible cultural heritage is under threat and that we must do all we can to encourage the next generation to protect, promote and pass it on.

Dame Fiona spoke about the importance of helping young people, living in an increasingly uncertain world, to embrace the future more positively and confidently by sharing the strengths of their cultural identity.

This new education resource aims to grow young people’s appreciation for their traditions and living culture, building greater solidarity and cultural respect, and increasing resilience in response to the threats to intangible heritage.


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