Blaenavon Industrial Landscape World Heritage Site tells the story of a unique and glorious community’s industrial history.

When Blaenavon hosted the prestigious 2015 World Heritage UNESCO Youth Summit the management team identified this as the perfect opportunity to launch a project to give young people a voice in the decisions that affect their heritage within their communities. The site was awarded grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to recruit and train young people to become World Heritage Ambassadors for their communities to preserve the identity and the integrity of the World Heritage Site in Blaenavon, the UK and around the World.

Blaenavon’s heritage is of more than just local or national importance, it belongs to the world. The project therefore aims to help young people not only understand but have an active role and voice in Blaenavon World Heritage Site. The project provided a foundation to learn new skills and experience new things and empowered young people to take a leading role future preservation of their World Heritage Site.

A series of accredited fun training days, run by the Blaenavon World Heritage Partnership engaged young people aged 13-25, teaching them about the Outstanding Universal Value of Blaenavon World Heritage Site and how it is, and can be, well managed.

Young people now sit on key and influential groups in order to have an active influence over the decisions that are made in their community. The project team also arranged training for heritage organisations in engaging with young people.

The young people were also supported in the delivery of events for other groups of young people and visitors to the area. As a final task the young people will help to create a bespoke qualification to share with other World Heritage Sites across the UK in order to build a network of Youth Ambassadors.


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